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Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy my photos. All of the images in my gallery are available for sale. 

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7.Arnie Meyer(non-registered)
Spectacular! The colors are so vivid. Keep shooting.

6.Joe McDonald(non-registered)
Ron, these pictures are amazing. Your unlimited talents shine through again just like in your music. I was thinking about you today. Let's keep in touch!

You are a pro on photography. I love those trails but now I tempting to try the bell rock one more time because the view from the top is awesome. Sabino canyon is another one I need to explore because I hear that there might be some Mexican wolf there. Great Job
These amazing pictures transported me to all those parts of Arizona that I ever wanted to see... Thanks for sharing them with me!
3.Dave Darin(non-registered)
Very nice photography. Arizona is absolutely stunning. Having lived in the lush green east coast there is beauty there as well, but, a very different beauty here in Arizona. Great contrast in the United States from East to West. And with your new camera you will be capturing even more. I haven't looked at every page of the site but maybe some advice on equipment for those that want to take as crisp a picture as you are getting, maybe some general photo tips on back lighting, etc. I know Ron, great guy, great enthusiasm. Wish you the best and and interesting gentleman from every (camera) angle (no pun intended).
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